Address by Chairman

The birth of airplane helped people realize their dream of flying,
while Ruohang will turn your dream into reality.

Ruohang is the first domestic private ga enterprise mainly operating business airport construction,operation management. It has built
up its first business heliport with an area of 100,000 square meters,
located in the planned city center of Nanjing. At the same time, the
heliports in most developed cities in China of Suzhou,Hangzhou,Huangshan,Shanghai will also be finished and be put into use one by one, establishing the major points of Ruohang Changjiang
Triangle  Delta Helicopter Aviation Plan.

 We are decidated to business,emergency rescue,commerce
and private helicopter flight activity, offering air control,navigation,weather report,maintenance & refuel services for landing &
taking-off support system.And through our perfect membership
system and luxury facilities like exclusive aviation club,business
conference center, we offer you excellent service to satisfy various
needs.Our  limitless passion will contribute its due for fast,stable
and  continuous development of China’s business and private flight

Here, I sincerely invite you and all people passionate for aviation to
join our career to be one of our flight team, experiencing our  
endless enthusiasm and to create super excellence together.We
believe, China’s business and private flight development has just
begun, while we are just making our first step.

 Let Ruohang and you create beautiful future together!