Private Customized Flight

Private Customized Flight

    In that year, when Racing Driver Ralf Schumacher and his wife on their vacation, and missed their dog staying at home, they used their own aircraft to bring the doggy to them. Maybe for  superrich man like Schumacher,fame and money is not his ultimate goal of enjoyment, but elegant and personalized life experience.
    Here,we will provide personal flight service to you, making what you pay worthwhile when enjoying life.

 Air Tour

When you are tired of daily busy work and congested traffic people, please don’t forget, Nanjing also has the unique gentleness and harmony of Yangze River Delta.Our customized flight will let you overlook Nanjing, at continuous mountains of Pearl Spring, the greatness of Changjiang River, or top facilities of Hexi New Town, Aoti, everyplace making you discover a new city of Nanjing.

  Air Wedding  

  If you want to design a romantic,elegant,unique air wedding for your beloved girl, then our customized flight will make it life-long unforgettable for her. Evidenced by blue sky and land, the heart-breaking wedding blessing will flow forever with the beautiful curves drawn by helicopter.

 VIP Gathering

   When you are planning to organize a high-end gathering and have no idea about it, our customized flight will help you design a unconventional party,letting you enjoy yourselves so much as to forget to leave.In the morning, you can fly to Huangshan Taipinghu Base, fishing in the lake center; at noon, you can fly to our Suzhou Base to enjoy Yangchenghu Lake Crab, and at night you can rest on yacht at Shaoxing Base, lost in memory.

  Airport Transfer

   When you are busy with trips and business negotiations, and further exhausted by urban traffic and traffic limitations, not to say fatigue from daily work, have you ever thought our customized flight will offer you direct transportation for you transferring from the civil aviation apron to your destination by helicopter, making you enjoy VIP service of dignity and privacy, and save your precious time.

Now people comment private flight like this:“No Plane, No Gain.”,that is, if there is no airplane, there will be no achievements.