Business Customized Flight

Business Customized Flight


In Washington DC, or megalopolis like New York, there built aprons for many buildings, while enterprise private helicopters just parking on top of buildings, for senior executives transportation or to carry out flight task at particular circumstances. This is not only existing in America, but in Canada,Euro countries, even South America countries like Argentina.

With  the  private customized flight service deepening,expanding in China’s high-end rich people, business flight has become commerce giants first choice when operating activities due to its big advertisement result, big popularity and big influence.

 Air Patrol

    Have you ever thought of taking on a helicopter to inspect your factories in nearby cities?Our business customized flight will take advantage of helicopter super-ability of taking-off and landing, making you deeply experiencing highly effective and luxury business flight. Whatever it is for getting sales & production situations or for business negotiations, you can get the most from it. The short-trip fast transferring transportation can bring not just fortune itself.

Business Flight

    Have you ever thought of bring your clients to have business talks on the sky?Our business customized flight will offer you air tour and help you relax. Whatever business problems you get, helicopter flight experience is biggest honor for your clients, and brightest spot for your PR platform.


Helicopter For Company Advertisement 

   Have you ever thought of your enterprise advertising video different from others?Our business customized flight will give you a urban air visual feast to help you discover enterprise building beauty from another angle.The advertisement video by helicopter  will directly demonstrates far-sight and avant-garde spirit, and it is also the value embodiment of enterprise strength.


Helicopter for Theme Commercial Ceremony 
Have you ever imagined that you can bring high-end clients of your company to make a cool advertisement when their new projects opened up? Whatever for air  inspection for ground projects or for air advertisement, our customized business flight will save you tens of millions of advertisement fee every year. It will not only bring attentions for your new project, but maintain your good relationship with different clients in a flight, so why not do it?

Compared with busy airlines and bad-reputation metro, our business customized flight has its individual policy-making group and management system, just to guarantee a helicopter service, with more security and lowered chance to get influenced by terrorist attacks and emergency.

In China, the dream of “ flying from company, flying over world” has shed its light into reality.Whether you are political leaders cherishing time as gold, or elite class of education or sports,  what helicopter flight carries is your symbol of your fortune and strength, while our flight network system will build up an air freeway in modern life for you, serving  for your empire expansion.