Ruohang Huangshan
Ruohang (Huangshan Taiping Lake) Helicopter/Yacht Base is located in the central island of Taipinghu Lake, which shares the fame of “2 mountains and 1 lake”. The Base faces lake with 3 sides, enjoying convenient transportation and rare view of scenery. Its supporting facilities include helicopter aprons and yacht docks. and you can use helicopter to get to Ruohang Huangshan Center constructed at the halfway of Huangshan Mountain. Besides offering emergency rescue service, it will also fill in the blank of air tourism industry in Pan-Huangshan Area.
  • March. 2012
    Ruohang (Huangshan) Helicopter Yacht Base received visiting officials of provincial and municipal levels
  • Oct.2011
    Ruohang (Huangshan) Helicopter Yacht Base completed basic apron construction and temporary office building interior decoration
  • Dec.2010
    Ruohang (Huangshan) Helicopter Yacht Base got land approval of Anhui provincial and municipal government, now beginning part of bridge and infrastructure construction, with an area of 180,000 square meters, with a parking capacity for 60 business helicopters and 600 yachts