Ruohang Nanjing
Ruo Hang Nanjing heliport is located in southern foot of Nanjing Laoshan National Forest Park, which is 15 kilometers away from center of Nanjing with great scenery. We completed construction at Jan. 2009 upon approval by national civil aviation sector. It can meet landing & parking service of 35 business helicopters, and is equipped with aviation theme clubs, aviation hotels and membership villas.
  • 2014
    Ruohang Nanjing Laoshan Heliport promoted a plan for heliport expansion, after whose completion the ordinary citizens can enjoy more perfect infrastructure facilities
  • Dec 2013
    Ruohang Nanjing Laoshan Heliport completed certificate renewal procedures
  • May 2012
    Ruohang Nanjing Laoshan Heliport finished the upgrade of main control building decoration from ground floor to 3rd floor and also of afforestation for roads in the airport
  • March 2009
    Ruohang Nanjing Laoshan Heliport welcomed its first clients, from homeland and aboard
  • Jan. 2009
    Ruohang Nanjing Laoshan Heliport finished Flying Zone contruction and got CAAC issuing civil airport operation certificate The heliport covers an area of 60,000 square meters, meeting the parking and taking off and landing demands of 30 business helicopters
  • end of 2007
    Ruohang Nanjing Laoshan Heliport, the first ga airport of Nanjing Ruoer ga Co , Ltd officially started up constructi
  • July 2005
    Nanjing Ruohang Transportation Development Co , Ltd was founded in Nanjing, and set up Ruoer GA Development Group in Jan 2014