Membership Service
 Pilot License Training

   Maybe in many people’s eyes, to get a private flight license, and even to have a private aircraft is an untouchable thing, however, with the improvement of living standard at home and more opening up of China’s airspace, also the rule and policy support of CAAC, it has become another fashion to drive aircrafts and to own private aircrafts.

  Private Business Flight:

    As long as you make reservations in advance, and tell us about your flight destinations, we will arrange for you with the appropriate privately tailored flight routes to take off from our nearest base. For more surprises, you are welcomed to come and experience.

 Entertainment Flight

   Our Nanjing Airbase is located in Nationally Designated Laoshan Forest Park, while Suzhou Airbase is at the side of Yangchenghu Lake, and Shaoxing Airbase is located by the side of Jianhu Lake; Huangshan Airbase is located in the Taipinghu Lake Peninsula, with each base having its own scenery. Bring your family and friends to enjoy “flying” at leisure time!

  Airport Transfer:

    Have you ever imagined not driving to downtown from far-away airport after getting off a civil aviation airplane? We offer you an airport shuttle service with which you can take a helicopter from apron to your destination, saving your precious time while offering you private and honored service at the same time.
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